Lily Geeks for i-D Magazine

The "Fun" issue of I-D Magazine features one of my favorite British pop stars Lily Allen. For the past few years she has been partly making headlines for her attire for than her music, but I still admire her relentless and careless attitude when it comes to her personal style, her ways of putting together an outfit that does not say "Hey, I'm another paparazzi-magnet celeb with no talent, who loves to flash out her crotch". Such mannerism is probably the precise reason the i-D editors decided to put Lily on the "Fun" issue. The spread was shot by Alasdair McLellan and styled by supermodel Kate Moss. I was not abruptly shocked when I found out Kate styled Allen for this shoot, Moss have been perceived as this style icon for several years, she established the trends and everyone followed, as this is when she was just a model. I love the fact they added one of my favorite T.V. characters Spongebob to the mix, I think he brings such unpretentious and silly attitude that he forces one to form a smile on one's face, I need to run and get my issue, and probably you too.
Pixs: i-dmagazine.com

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