Karl Loves a Man in High Heels

Karl Lagerfeld and Baptiste Giabiconi from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

Karl Lagerfeld seems to have this weird obsession with photographing men in women's clothing, especially in high heels as he has done it before for the March 2009 Vogue Paris issue. In his case thought he shoots one of his fav, Baptiste Giabiconi for Purple Magazine #12. Personally, I'm not into cross-dressing, but I can see the art in it. It's not something you see everyday (well, depending on where you live), but for me it's something not foreign but somewhat obscure. I have nothing against trannys (a.k.a. transexuals), but I love the idea of dressing as someone of the opposite sex and having "safe" fun with it, which I think it's probably one of Karl's point on this shoot. I'm sure for some this is a taboo, but in some parts of Europe, this might be look as something as nothing out of the ordinary. Men in women's clothes!?, wow, groundbreaking. I admire people who take risks in any kind of fashion and Karl is just doing that, I don't think his reputation as one of the biggest designers and image makers in history is being put in jeopardy by throwing himslef into the "lion's mouth" but it's a strong statement to the industry on the philosophy of freedom. I really can't wait 'till this issue comes out and hear lots of feedback from insiders, but especially I'll would like to know the reason behind this shoot by Mr Karl.
Vogue Paris March 2009, shot by Karl Lagerfeld
Pixs source: models.com, purple-diary.com

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