Stella, and Pre-Fall 2010

The 2010 Spring/Summer ad campaigns haven been recently hitting the web and you might have seen them in any glossy magazine you read. One of them that stood out to me was Stella's. Not only did I love her collection for next season, which featured lots of pretty dresses, frills and ruffles galore, but this photographed depicts a firm stand on nature, especially the wild life. For her 2009 Fall/Winter ad, Stella anointed photographer Jane How to photograph model Sigrid Agren around a few Bambi characters, reaffirming her position on the humane treatment on animals. Hence her collections don't include real fur nor leather. This time, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shoot the lovely Natalia Vodianova in front of this huge image of a dalmatian. I love the expression that Natalia is radiating, she looks very fragile and languid, with the wind seemingly blowing against her hair and the ruffles on the dress, this is truly an appealing ad.

In a different note, Stella McCartney just presented her 2010 Pre-Fall collection a few days ago during Couture week, and that seemed like a pretty confident step. When your competitors are showing the most expensive clothes in the world, while you are just presenting your, as it's now being called, "in-between" collection, I'm sure the thought of fear and insecurity would surmount the minds of many, but Stella stood her ground and showcased a commercially successful collection that I'm sure a bevy of women would find appetizing.

"It's to provide a whole wardrobe, pieces that will stay with you for years because of the quality, and because, hopefully, they have a kind of timelessness." Stella told to Sarah Mower from style.com

And I believe that timelessness is evident on her pieces, rigth from the first look consisting of a double-faced camel coat, then moving onto white little femine blouses and a trench paired with a t-shirt and jeans. There were also a few Stella's signatures like those ankle-length slim trousers, tailored blazers and these beautiful laced frock and jacket that could potentially be transformed from day to night with little to no effort. For a sexy night out, Stella proposed shiny one-shoulder-off dresses with ruffles vertically cascading from one shoulder or maybe even a casual jumpsuit or slim pants with the same cheetah-print fabric. What stood out from this mini-collection were those black laced evening dresses that are most likely be on the backs of a few of her fans. These dresses are sexy enough (and appropriate enough), dare to say even Mrs. Obama can pull them off.

Photos: style.com

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