What I Want For V-Day

In Vogue: The Illustrated History of The World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine, $69.00
(I know I'm late, but I been craving for this book, I'm getting it once I cash my check).

Balenciaga High Top Trainers, $591.30
(I'm not sure if Pierre Hardy deigned this multi-textured lace up high trainers, but I want this on my feet).

House of Versace: The Untold Story of a Genius, Murder, and Survival, by Deborah Ball, $17.16
(I have read so many juicy details about the book one of them being that Mr. Versace and his then boyfriend used to bring over boys so they could have their way with them, I'm don't know if this is completely true. Nevertheless, I need to get this book on my hands asap).

Dolce &Gabbana Gym, Puerto Rican Gym Top, $223.56
(I'm not Puerto Rican, but whatever)

Paul Smith Canvas Hodall, $385.56
(I'm not a huge PS fan, but this is literally the coolest bag out there).

Balenciaga Collarless Leather Jacket, $4,317.30
(This jacket is so out of my means, but if you want to become my future "Sugar Daddy" then purchasing me this jacket is a great way to start).

I was never a huge wish-list fan, but since everybody is getting so dovey-lovey, smoochy-smoochy, I decided to put up some things that I really wanted for Valentines. I'm single, mind you, but I'm still looking for that special someone. Hopefully I get at least one out of all these things. (Currently accepting applications)


theartbox said...

Those Balenciaga shoes are incredible!


corvedacosta said...

all i can say is damn ...i want that2

ToniiQue said...

the t-shirt and the bag lord have mercy i am DROOLING!