Thoughts on Football And Fashion

It's sort of strange to live in a place where your ideas dissent from the rest. When an opinion on a subject that has been cultivated in the American culture for decades seems so heinous, causing eye brows to raise and heads turn the other direction suggesting a sign of disgrace or dismay. I have found myself in various occasions where folks looked at me as an outsider just for the single fact that my interest for football is minimal. In the past, many have suggested that I had African-American roots (hence that I "must" be interested in the sport) when those roots have actually been firmly planted at the bottom of the continent. Like I mentioned before in other posts, I was borne and raised in Peru, but people keep assuming I'm African-American, and even worse I have to deal with all the negative connotations that comes along with the title. Let's be clear, I have no negatives feelings towards my brothers, in fact, partly the majority of my friends are black and/or have an African-American background. I don't have a dilemma with that, but the things that gets me, is that folks assume something from a pre-conceived notion. The same goes with my sexuality, stop assuming that I sexually gravitate towards the female type, and in top of that act like as if I'm cool with the situation. I'm open with my sexuality, though its nobody' business who I sleep with. But anyways...this topic needs another post for it to be properly address. Moreover, folks are accustomed to assume things for whatever reason. I'm not sure if it's fear to ask, or that they probably feel it's none of their business, but when it comes to something so delicate and so debatable, I feel like the need to comprehend someone's else perspective is primordial.

Zuzana Gregorova by Aitken Jolly, fashiongonerogue.com

I have been raised with a tradition of sports and competitiveness, but football was never installed on me. However, I've learned to adapt and accept the sport as a major moving and influential force when I first stepped on American soil and called it my second home. My paltry interested in the sport, I guess, have turned some folks away from me suggesting that is the only common linkage between me and them. I mean, I have made some amazing friends while I was in school, but between us, I think there was rarely ever a talk about football if my memory doesn't betray me. I don't loath the sport, but I just find it a bit disengaging from my point of view, I could sit and watch a game for very few minutes and then turn and start amusing myself doing something else. I'll even watch the highlights on ESPN of some game that I was not remotely aware of that possibly took place last night, but I'll watch. Now my attention is not directly fixated on how many touchdowns some (running-back?) has managed to achieved, but I'll rather focus on how good the players look. I mean, there are a bunch of talented men on the NFL, who seem to posses some uncanny athletic abilities who manage to catch a ball in midair or even run such yards with no apparent difficulty. There is no a doubt that football is one of the most athletically and mentally demanding sports ever played, thus requiring a certain type of man to fully display those skills on the field. The NFL is composed with some of the sexiest men out there, I mean what's hotter than a hunky running at full speed, aggressively tackling their opponents, groaning from the pain, wearing some tight pants that accentuates their beautiful protrudent derriere. I mean if this doesn't turn you on, then there must be something wrong with you.

Alexander Wang  2010 Spring/Summer, style.com

As I'm sure you're complete aware of, today the biggest if not the biggest sporting events in the country will be occuring down south. I must confide that I didn't know which teams we're contending for the coveted tittle just 'til a few days ago. "Oh!", I mumbled, when I found out that the teams were; New Orleans Saints and the Colts, who I become a bit familiar just because on the side of their helmets horse's hoof is emblazoned, which is kinda cool. Fashion is not the first thing that pops into my mind when I think of football, but more like brutal barbarians. This contact sport is not as glamorous as, let's say, figure-skating or women's tennis. Though there is nothing fashion-y about it, the industry is embracing it's rather tough approach. Back in September, Alexander Wang showed a collection of utilitarian, sporty clothes with an edge of urban street referring to football and American heritage as inspiration. The presentation felt so feminine that the clothes never seemed that they were inspired by such male dominated activity. Though, there was one model who came out wearing lace-up caramel colored leather shorts, carrying what looks lo be a deflated football bag and leatherheads cap with the top cut out. It was just the strongest collection Alexander Wang had sent out up to date.

Leatherheads (2008), directed and starring George Clooney

I don't promise you I'll be watching the game, but I'm sure going to peep Bush.


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