Currently Listening: "Telephone" - Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce

I first heard thing banger on a club, and since it was a remix I had no idea who sings it, but now I do, and it's hot. Sorry I can't hear you I'm kinda busy...And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand (What? you expect me to put it down?) Stop telephoning memememe....

And now that we're talking about Gaga. Did you see her Armani Prive at the Grammys Red Carpet?...I mean it's a Gaga-worthy couture but I'm a bit confuse at her decision for carrying that object that I'm sure could poke someone's eyes out instead of choosing a handbag, but the idea it's probably too mundane for her.

According to Nicola Formichetti, her stylist (and one of my favorites), the shoes were custom made by Armani Prive, and I'm still in disbelief Giorgio Armani was part of this great circus. They looked like it took a couple days to get all these crystals and such embedded to these heels, but lord have mercy, how can this woman walk in those?, but thank Jesus she didn't fall. Nevertheless, the shoes look hot.

I also learned that crystalized-iceberg-looking hat was made by the lovely Philip Treacy for Armani Prive.

I can definitely picture these heels in a great editorial!!!

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