A little Calvin Klein treat on a winter night

I don't know if you been paying attention to the news, but us on the east coast of the country, we been swarmed with 20' to 30' inches of lovely snow. I know to some folks this gives them an extra excuse to watch some old flicks and drink hot chocolate, but for me, not so much. I'm not a winter type of person, though I enjoy layering. Regardless, I try to look at the positive side of Mother Nature's bitchiness. The best part about a snow day is that when you peep outside your window, you see this pure white layer of snow covering the noise of the streets, I just love the quietness that takes over the outdoors, it almost makes me think that there is not a single soul out there, when I perfectly know my city is overpopulated with asians, though I love them.

So let me get to the point of this, I was browsing trough wwd.com a few days ago and I noticed these sexy pictures on one of their articles and eureka!, the Fashion Gods saved the day once again. I thought this would be a perfect time to make a post about this matter, because all these snow that has indirectly taken me hostage on my place is making me feel somewhat useless, so at least looking at these pictures would at least lift your spirits and rekindle your naughty fantasies. 

We all been bombarded with ad campaigns and billboards of semi-naked dudes grabbing their crotch or laying in top of women suggesting it was a soft porno movie set, expect with better looking people. This time, as usual, the Calvin Klein team brings out a new underwear line titled "X", featuring "Calvin Klein" in capital letters and a big patch with the logo on the center front. The "X" line attempts to lure a more varied demographic market, therefore, these provoking pictures would launch later this month in Asia, Europe and America. The campaign shot in New York by photographer Mikael Jansson features four different men from four different backgrounds; American actor and Twilight's hunk, Kellan Lutz, who is also rumored to have a more active role in "Eclipse" coming out later this year; "True Blood"s eye candy Mehcad Brooks, aka my future ex; Hidetoshi Nakata, one of Asia's most popular soccer players, who sits front-row at fashion shows, earning him the title the "Asian David Beckham" (that supposed to be compliment); and last but not least, Fernando Gonzales, one of Spain's top tennis player, and one of my favorites to watch on the court. 

I been lately saying this and it's obviously happening, the industry is becoming more receptive of non-traditional looks, so who is to blame the CK team to cast these men who supposedly have nothing in common besides their ridiculously good looks to become the face (or body) of "X". I can already foresee masses of testosterone rushing the CK store so they could get their hands on these cotton undergarments and women everywhere (and some men as well), staring lasciviously at the images on some glossy magazine. After all, that seems to be the purpose of these things; look, crave and buy.

Photos: wwd.com


corvedacosta said...

Come to Jamaica anytime it snows - No snow here..just rain lol

I love the photo spread above and I would really love to shoot something like this one day. I think we seeing this (half naked men) because sex sells...and in this recession seeing a hot guy with ripped abs is just quite as fun.

ToniiQue said...

LOL @ u throwin shade at the asian! (joke)
i like snow too but when it comes and goes it should stay away till next winter. cuz its been going on and off here!

anywho i love that ck is going outside the box in casting certain models for their campaigns yes there still handsome and ooze sex but you wouldnt really recognize them instantly (well now you do)!

ps only mehcad brooks looked familiar