The Love Zone, Futureclaw Magazine

While I was walking on the streets of DC one day, this thought came to mind of doing a shoot for RIP Magazine, in which I serve as a fashion editor. I already had in mind how I wanted the girl to look, it was going to be a mix of grunge and street with minimal make-up and frizzy hair, almost as if she walked out her house wearing what she had on last night and threw on a few designer pieces, not exactly Dsquared but more like a Kate Moss on her tweens, without the cocaine. I also had in mind what kind of poses I wanted her to mimicm, and attempt to portray this dirty little girl who has been abandoned by her parents wearing Nina Ricci, but that was just a vague image that popped into my head at a very random moment. However, I still want to do the shoot, it's just a matter of getting the right clothes, with the right photographer and the right model.

So when I stumbled onto these images of Tatyana Usova photographed by Elias Wessel for little known magazine Futureclaw January 2010, a nostalgic moment hit me. The story is said to be shot in the raw streets of New York city, which seems to be the perfect setting against the cocktail wear. The stylist on duty was Storm Pederson, and I was less pleased with the pictures, thought the angle shots look appealing (that's how you know he's a darn-good photographer), the selection of the clothes looks so meager. I wish I could've see more glamour, but I guess all these shiny little frocks made the cut for him. If I was the editor-in-chief, there is no way these pictures would've gone in print, unless there was done a re-shoot with a better clothes  selection.

I love this reflector hat (shown below), it's just so genius, and if you look closer you could almost see clearly the photographer's reflection on the hat. And the black plane hat (two pictures below) is hot, but those white gloves are not working for me at all.

Pictures: fashiongonerogue.com

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