Prada, #1 in Milan

"Prada", was the answer Anna Wintour, the top women in fashion as well as other two top editors in the industry said as Tim Blanks asks "What was the strongest collection of the week (Milan)?", then she adds "She always leads the way, and she never dissapoints." Indeed Miuccia Prada's collection for the Fall/Winter 09/10 season was ranked one of the best collection of the season. Miuccia's coleccions for Prada always makes you wonder and think about the message behing every look. Persoanlly, I believe Miuccia is one the top women fashion designers and visionaries in the world, and the #1 in Milan. It's her unique way of thinking about fashion and her aesthetic about her work attracks me tremendously towards the brand. For the F/W 09/10 season Miuccia had this militant fisherman's wife with a very sexy edge kind od theme. the wader fisherman's boots made a big impact on the collections as well as the spectators, which is not a route that many designers are walking to. Some models came in the room wearing cardigans underneath this wool shorts paired with heavy knitted socks and waders. Prada also showed a super-refined tailored suits, which had a somewhat three-dimensional look to it. To me, there was an understated aspect to the whole collection coming from the plunging deep V-neck line from some of the tops paired with woll skirts. The collection also feature fur in dresses and handbags. Moreover, Prada always pushes the envelope in her footwear and this season was not an exception, this was seriously one of the best footwear design I ever seen, some of the models had these pump shoe with metalic emebelishment to it, which remendied me of an medieval armour, or if a Samurai's girl had to wear heels in these times she must have probably been rocking these heels. Her evening looks were not usual at all, Miuccia used this grey blackish flannel wool with emeblishment to it, which is not a very typical evening fabric but nontheless the dresses look great, her color pallete ranged from deep purples to rich reds and everything in between. Overall, Muccia Prada hitted out the park this season, showing lots of ideas with a comercial side to it, and you bet there are lots of fashion-consiuos girls going b-a-n-a-n-a-s for some of Miuccia's pieces already, but as long as they can afford it, it's all good.
Miuccia opened up the showed with these super refined/expensive suits in reds and chcolate brown.
The reds looked great on the models Cardis, wool shorts and thigh high waders...legs for dayssss needed to pull off these looks. Deep V-neclikes and fur (Mongolina rabbit?) everywhere.
Great day look
Thsi coat was recently seen on AnnaWintour's back during Paris fashion week (and it's not even in boutiques yet!).
Evening Looks
Grey flannel wool ?!?! (hot!!!!)
These embellished leather dreeses looked almost gladiador-ish (super chic, thought).

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