Beth Takes it All Off for Love

Beth Ditto, the lead singer of the punk/rock band "The Gossip" is feature on the cover of the twice-yearly British magazine Love. The Spring/Summer 2009 N.1 issue will feature Ditto as she came into the world, nude that is. First of all, the background color is very refreshing and it goes well with Beth's pale skin color. Also, the hair makes a great impact on the cover, it almost catches your attention, her tattoos (one on her shoulder that says "mama", and the other one in her upper thigh saying "sisterhood") makes her look a bit aggressive, but the fact that she's nude, makes the shot somewhat fragile, sensual and seductive. 
I'm sure this cover will spark some controversy in the fashion industry, because we are not used to seeing plus size people in covers of magazines.I have no problem seeing Raquel Zimmerman or Coco Rocha on the cover of an Italian Vogue issue, but the reality of it is that, the real average working women who read those magazines don't look like them, so in a way, it's fair to express that these models don't represent the true reality of the situation, especially in America, since it seems that we have a problem with obesity. It's almost sad to think that the level of ignorance and racism still exists, not only in covers of publications, but also on the runway, ads, billboards, etc. I like that rawness and boldness coming from Beth's personality, she seems to have this f.u. attitude about things. Most importantly, she wears what she pleases, what makes her happy and comfortable, and I like that about her. I think "size-sexy" women should be feature more in mags, newspapers, tv, etc. They should be positively commercialized more in the media.
I think the whole message behind this cover is, feel comfortable in your own skin, LOVE yourself, no matter what size you may be. This cover can definitely be taken as an inspiration for fashion-conscious young girls who can't exactly fit on a size 4 or 6, and have to go through difficult times because of their size. I'm really proud of Love for making the change.
 Love Spring/Summer 2009 N.1
 Pictures Source: Love mag

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