Raf Gets Staple Crazy.

Raf Simons, the great Belgian visionarie and one of the top designers in the industry has come up with one of the sickest shoe design ever created. For his Spring/Summer 2009 footwear collection, Raf sticks to his usual somber palette of black, grey and white, but this time, he takes the bar to a whole new different level. Taking risks is a big part of the fashion industry and Raf seems to know that pretty well, stepping away from his simple design aesthetic, Simons dares fashionistas in this pair.
The white shoe features black staples gradually embroidered starting from the backstay to fully covering the front vamp. The shoelaces and sole stay black and the interior crispy white. The shoe looks like if I was locked up in a room full of white dress-up shoes and lots of black staple boxes and out of boredom started playing with both elements. It looks very simple, but the idea behind it, it's brilliant and the end result is genius!.
To conclude, Raf is just one of the top European designers in my eyes. I'm sure Raf and his team must have taken days to come up with such a beautiful pair. Designing for three labels (Raf Simons, Raf by Raf Simons and Jil Sander) is not an easy task but as seasons go by, he proves it's not a big deal. Bravo Raf!
This piece of art is currently being sold at collete.fr for just $1124.57

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