Japanese eclectic brand, mercibeaucoup, showed a collection full of color and energy for the 2009/10 season during Japan fashion week. To be honest with you, I never heard of this brand before, but after doing some research on their previous collections and few reviews, I learned mercibeaucuop is a very theatrical, avant-garde and exciting brand; literally, they'll keep you in your toes, because you never know what's going to come down their runway. I always used to say that asians are some of the most creative and daring people in the world when it comes to fashion. I know street wear is huge over there, and for some americans it might be a bit of a shock, when you see a "scene" kid walking down the streets of Tokyo with five layers of baggy clothes, a pink wig, crazy make-up and a lunch box, but I can understand their logic, a very creative, individualistic and original approach to fashion. Moreover, I admire people who dare and play with fashion and still look like a million bucks, it's not easy and not everybody can pull it off.
Back to the collection, while I was watching some of the pictures, I immediately started imagining if Vivienne Westwood was to live in Tokyo and she was to design a young, hip line for the asian market, this is roughly what it will look like; layers of heavy knits, oversize sweatshirts, fur trims, crazy patterns and a whole lot of drama. I love this version of urban/grunge/anime type of look, but most importantly, it's very Japan, from the hair and make-up to the shoes and accessories. I was also thinking about Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, her love for polka dots was present in this peculiar collection. Some of the shoes that the guys are wearing feature a fur tongue, which reminded me of the Fall/Winter collection from Gucci a couple of seasons ago, but nonetheless, the whole collection has an interesting approach towards fashion, and essentially towards a different culture and lifestyle. 
Below some of my fav looks from the show...
Pictures Source: fashionsnap.com

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