Vogue Nippon Gets Catty

Devon Aoki is feature in one of the editorial stories of Vogue Nippon shot by Camilla Akrans. This editorial is not striking me so much for the fashion but for the model. I love the fact, when you look at someone, in this case a model and you can't figure out what's their ethnic background, you may ask yourself, is she asian? european? caucasian? or all of the above?. Surprisingly enough, I learned that she's a new yorker, Are you serious!?!?!, to be brutally honest I'll never guess, but I can tell her family tress must be compose of a variety of races from all over the globe, which is pretty cool. I love diversity and that's what the fashion industry needs, more none-caucasian models in the cover of top magazines and feature in fashion-forward editorials and most importantly in runways, where they can showcase what they're working with. Am I the only one who feels this way???.
I believe, models like Devon have more versatility and longevity in the industry since they can easily transform themselves to fit the part into an editorial shoot, ad campaign, and fashion show. Their face complexion in particular can convey a strong message and reach more of a wider audience and that could possibly and positively affect the future of a designer's success or a magazine's sales. For instance, in this editorial, Aoki is playing the role of this naughty/stylish pussy-cat girl, who in a way may look very odd and creepy, but if you look at the other side of the spectrum, she can come across as sassy and seductive.
 The word if the day is...versatility, embrace it.
Pictures from models.com

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Marian said...

I adore her, her face is exquisite. I totally agree with you. The more diversity the better!
great post.
muah x