(To clear any misunderstanding, that computer is not mine, it's a friend's, so I have nothing to do with that desktop background, even though I look guilty, I'm innocent).
I got tagged by Jillian from Nova Style to list 7 things about me...
1. I want to definitely work in the fashion industry as an editor, and hopefully one day take Anna Wintour's position, I know this may sound delusional, but I think it's achievable.
2. I have a Blackberry Pearl. I never really asked for it, but my Mom one day showed up with it, so I guess it was a surprised. 
3. I love to party and club, and maybe one day I'll have my own club! (I haven't think of the name yet).
4. I'm obsessed with ice cream, especially Edy's, yummmy....
5. I'm currently reading "Chanel: A Women of Her Own" by Axel Madsen.
6. I was born in Lima, Peru, but I'm currently living in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area.
7. In the future I would like to live in Paris or Milan.
I just took those pixs with my celli, excuse the blurriness.

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