Gucci S/S 2009

If you'd been flipping through the ads pages of Vogue, Harper Bazaar or W, you have probably noticed the new Gucci Spring/Summer 2009 campaign. Frida Giannini, Gucci's creative director, chose a very green, tropical atmosphere to introduce the Spring/Summer looks. As usual, Frida choose locations relevant to the collection, like the previous one, where it was shot around a Russian crops field, and for this season, the campaign is shot in a completely different location. The ad, looks like it's a bout all these little rich kids having a party in a resort somewhere in the Amazons, dressed for the occasion and coincidentally they all are wearing Gucci. To me, the colors is what stands out, more than the design of the clothes. Those rich purples and reds, contrasting the green backgrounds, makes the ad look very fresh. I think every shot tells a story and conveys a message, which is "buy the clothes". There are a couple of pieces I'll love to cop, like this deep blue slim tailored suit with the matching tie, or the printed tee with the leather jacket (If i only could afford it...). I love the fact that Frida targets a young market and is always thinking about what young kids want to wear, which is the soul of Gucci, a very young, hip sophisticated brand with an Italian twist. Some of the campaign shots below, enjoy...
Pictures: Gucci.com


Jillian said...

you could not be more right!
The colours are fantastic, but the designs aren't so much... sad but gucci isn't the same since tom ford... i hope it makes a comeback soon!

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

I see where you are coming from, the clothes look great regardless and Tom Ford did a fantastic job at Gucci, who knows, maybe in a couple of seasons we might see a Gucci and Ford collaboration.