Numero Korea Passionate Scenes

Sensual but not sexual were the first thoughts that popped up into my head when I came across this editorial shot by Mariano Vivanco for the Numero Korea May 2009 issue, featuring models Karmen Pedaru and Abbey Lee Kershaw. I love the deepness and effortless emotions coming from both models, it may sound cliche but you can almost see it in their eyes. I think that's pretty seductive, it catches your attention and makes you loose focus for a minute of the presence of the revealing garments and your focus goes straight to the penetrating sight coming from the model's rather mysterious look. 
Pictures from models.com


dapper kid said...

Stunning...just stunning!

Marian said...

I love love love that cover! how sultry and vixen do they both look but still very elegant. their fiery auburn hair is gorgeous. The pghotography is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing