2009 Spring/Summer Trend Watch: Hot Pink

Pink is definitely the color of the season, from baby rose pink tees to shocking pink suits were present in the runways of New York, London, MIlan and Paris. This particular color has been making controversies through history, especially in fashion. Commonly, pink is considered a feminine, weak, anti--macho shade that lessen the masculinity of a man, and that has been unfortunately taught to the most of us, since we were in kindergarden, blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Ignorance is till a big issue in the world, especially in America, supposedly a young guy steps out into a club wearing a fitted pink Gucci shirt, with some crazy alligators shoes and he's probably going to be label as homosexual. I always say, fashion has nothing to do with one's sexual orientation, or a color is not going to change your attraction for either gender.
Well, back to fashion. Pink, especially in bright, eccentric shades is sure going to make a statement anywhere you go. For instance, that Givenchy head-to-toe hot pink suit is definitely going to make lots of head turns, but probably not in a good way. Head-to-toe same color outfit, is considered a big fashion faux-pas and does not look good on anybody, no matter your skin color or your fitness level. However, there are a couple of ways you can make the look wearable to any occasion. For instance, by taking the blazer and the shoes and pairing  them with a white button up and nice pair o black trousers, or a good pair of slim jeans. that's just one way, but you can tweak it, and make it your own.
Below some of the options...
Paul Smith
Michael Bastian
Gilded Age
Richard Chai
Dior Homme
Louis Vuitton
Victor & Rolf
Ralph Lauren
John Galliano
Jil Sander
Salvatore Ferragamo
Pixs: men.style.com

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