Alexander McQueen Men A/W 2009/10

am mens fall 09 from Creamcream on Vimeo.
Alexander McQueen is synonym with cutting edge fashion, and this time was not an exception. This show was one of my favorite and definitely one of the best shows in Paris, for the Autumn/Fall 2009/10 season. In fact, I dare to say that this is the best if not one of the best Mcqueen shows I ever witness. The collection feature the usual McQueen-esque elements: impeccable, refined clothes, attitude coming from the models' theatrics, and a whole lot of drama. As I see the models coming down the runway, the same thought kept coming to my head. "Who is this guy" and "What does he do". A rich mafia leader who happens to know who McQueen is?, a not-so-feminine circus man/dancer/fighter?, a butcher? or just a boxer who happens who have a stylist?. McQueen certainly designs characters that are going to live in his world that not too many people assimilate. The characters were created exclusively for those lucky-ones that are watching his show. They kind of look like actors ready to shoot a dramatic/scary old English film. The look was powerful, sexual, brutal and a bit gothic and the glare on the models' eyes demonstrated that. Overall this was a great show, almost an instant classic.
If I could afford McQueen's luxury, you bet I would get every single piece of that collection. Well not every piece, but I'll love to own the first black fur coat, the different toned suits, and the footwear will not be a bad addition to my wardrobe, but since I can't I might as well fantasize about owning those treasures =(.
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dapper kid said...

Such an unbelievably stunning collection! I was thinking of Gangs of New York throughout to be honest, the feel of the show was electrifying.

Jimmy De La Cruz said...

Yea that's true, there was a bit of Gangs of New York

Jules said...

love the collection! mcqueen is one of my fav designers, he breaks the mold and u can tell that he doesn't take fashion too seriously; i think successful designers have this quality not being a slave to "trends"
btw thanks for the comment much appreciated!