Britney Who?

It's not a question anymore, it's a fact. Celebrities, fashion editors and style icons are setting the trends, and making the call when it comes to what's going to end up in the style section of a magazine. It's not about the fashions that come down the runway, but what are front-rowers sporting when they are walking into a show. There is this insanely obsession with Japanese fashion magazines/paparazzi and celebrities' style; what they wearing and where they are wearing it and how they can find a similar get-up for a more feasible price. Now, it seems like top fashion editors such as Lane Crawford's fashion director and super stylish, Sarah Ruston resemble Paris Hilton shopping in the streets of Rodeo Drive. In other words, they are almost celebrities in their own right, they are followed by a sea of photographers (a.k.a paparazzi) just to catch a glimpse of their new Prada coat or sleek Louboutin heels. "You basically get surrounded by around 30 photographers, screaming your name Sarah, Sarah"- Ruston answers when asked about this new fashion phenomenon.
I believe, this unintentional madness is about to turn out for the worse in the future, especially during Paris fashion week, where it attracts more celebrities and recognizable editors. I think shows should be better organized, just not inside, but outside as well, there should be more security and more thought should be put towards the attendees' safety. In the other hand, isn't this what fashion is all about? What would fashion week be like (especially Paris) without celebs or editors? Isn't this a necessary fashion evil?. Well, you make your own conclusions...
Below a clip from Tim Blanks for Style.com about this sweet/sour situation.

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