My Eyes Hurt

Calvin Klein SS 2009/10
(Neon on neon on neon, can be a little too much, leave it to the runway professionals).
Calvin Klein SS 2009/10
(Where should I wear this?)
Neons are in for next season, but Calvin Klein's creative director Italo Zucchelli went all the way out there with the Spring/Summer 09 collection. Klein is known for simple sophisticated americana sportswear (and his jeans of course), but these two looks out of the whole collection seemed to show a different view, and don't get me wrong, I love bright, eccentric colors, but neons can be considered the extreme, especially when you try to incorporate them into an outfit. The clothes looked simple, indeed, but the wow moment arrived when these two looks came down the runway. I thought the lime-green neon suit was wayyyyyyyy too much, but when I took a second look at it, analyze it and try to figure out how I could incorporated into my wardrobe and make it my own, then I started to think, that neon tee would look great with a black blazer, slim dark-washed jeans and black lace-ups (or I could keep those neon sneakers, or I could keep the blazer and mute everything out, anyways there are endless possibilities) and I'm set to party the night away, now wait a minute...it doesn't look so clownish, but refined and stylish. I remember this designer that once said, "Fashion is analytical and psychological", isn't that true though? fashion makes you think (well, at least to me) and find the logic or story behind a collection for instance. Honestly though, if I was sitting at the front-row of that show and saw these looks coming down the runway, my reaction most likely bee "Are you serious?", but probably after talking to Mr. Zucchelli backstage after the show and listening to his point of view and reference to the whole collection, my reaction most likely bee "Love'd the show".
Pixs: men.style.com

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