Adriana Lima for El Pais Magazine March 2009

This shot could make a great cover.
Alexander Wang
Love it.
This is a genuinely sexy editorial coming from a not very well-known magazine such as El Pais, featuring Victoria Secret's bombshell and one of my favorite Brazilian supermodels, Adriana Lima. 
Editorials are typically about making a statement or conveying a message, and the theme behind this pictures seem to be "seduction with a quirk". I love the fact that these people are not exaggeratedly over-sexually exposing women, there is this fine line between classy and trashy, and sometimes women slip over that line. I think the fashion industry is undeniably marketing sex, in one way or another, but the difference between other industries such as porno, is that the fashion industry is not vulgar, it has this artistic intention behind their work, when it comes to an ad campaign, or an editorial spread for a magazine. In fact, I feel that fashion empowers women and makes them appear to have this leader-esque attitude and posses control over men, at least most of the time. 
At the end of the day though, it's up to that person to choose how he or she wants to be portrayed to the whole world, it's that celebrity or model/celebrity to set the limits on how far or how risky the shoot will go, which will probably be witness by the whole world or at least the curious ones who pick up that magazine, newspaper or publication. I love models and photographers taking risks when it comes to fashion, but there are few times, when things can get overwhelmingly over the top and unnecessary to say the least.
Final thought, is the model who decides what she wants people to see, and most of the time she/he wont refuse that big fat check.

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